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Wuxi Ark Fluid Science Technology Co., Ltd., subordinate to Ark Group Company, is a famous manufacturer committed to the development and manufacture of water cooling equipments. The Company is located beside beautiful Taihu Lake and serves domestic market in maximum based on traffic convenience.

Wuxi Ark Fluid Science Technology Co., Ltd.,

The Company developed the first closed cooling tower in China in 1996 and became the first one with domestic sales volume breaking through RMB 100 million in 2008. Over the past 15 years, the Company has had over 10,000 domestic clients and particularly served industrial furnace field, forging, foundry industry, heat treatment, boiler, chemical industry, air conditioning, photovoltaic industry and other fields.

Since the Company was established in 1996, we have formed complete system in the main products such as closed cooling tower, opened cooling tower, chiller unit, pump, heat exchanger and others. The scientific management mode and modernized production equipments ensure that Ark Fluid is handy in the production pattern which integrates development, research, production, sales and after-sales service. The Company now has modernized standard workshops of more than 100 mu, over 50 high-quality talents including senior refrigeration engineer, electric engineer and researchers, and high technology development capability. We have established complete and scientific quality management system, passed ISO9001/2000 international quality system certification and obtained the certification by the highest international cooling tower certification system of CTI as well as 8 national patent certificates.

Ark Fluid products are not only popular in China but also exported to South Korea, North Korea, Republic of Kazakhstan, The Republic of Serbia, Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia, Republic of Zambia, Russia, Islamic Republic of Pakistan and other countries.

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