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Celebration Activity in Water Cooling tower manufacturer[ 11-08 11:27 ]
At the beginning of November there was a big celebration for our staff on her 10th working anniversary in water cooling tower manufacturer , China Wuxi ARK fluid science technology co.,ltd.
Water Cooling tower delivery to Indonesia[ 10-29 08:32 ]
Recently Water Cooling Tower Manufacturer -Wuxi Ark Fluid science technology are ready to deliver a bulk of goods to Indonesia against the project waste incineration . Hereby let us make the brief introduction about what we did for this project .
Meetings schedule in water cooling tower manufacturer[ 10-09 13:38 ]
meetings arrangement in water cooling tower manufacturer
cooling tower manufacturer,closed circuit cooling tower[ 10-09 13:07 ]
Responsibility of water cooling tower manufacturer
'Ark' Cooling Tower being Awarded with “Top Ten Most Influential” Cooling Tower Brand[ 09-04 11:34 ]
Warmly congratulate that “ARK” is awarded with the “Top ten most influential” cooling tower brand!!
Warm Celebration on Successful Convening of Patent Technology Seminar by Ark Fluid[ 08-27 17:11 ]
On the seminar about patent application of integrated flow closed cooling tower, Ark Fluid, together with all staffs of Technology Department and Research and Development Department
About 5S Management of Ark Fluid[ 08-27 17:04 ]
Since 2011, the company has fully promoted the 5S management in production and resources and there are effective achievements and provides reliable guarantee for the overall product quality of closed cooling tower.
Brief Introduction of Operating Principles of Closed Cooling Tower[ 08-27 17:01 ]
There are many applications of closed cooling tower in our life, and you may be familiar to the operating principles of cooling tower. The operating principles of closed cooling tower will be introduced in the following:
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